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Poems from a book

The Friend That You’ve Outgrown

Here’s to the friend that you’ve outgrown,
The one whose name is left unknown,
The one who wiped away your tears,
And sought to hold your hand,
When others turned the other way,
No beginning, just an end.

She’s the one you turned to,
The one that you called friend.
She laughed with you, she cried with you,
And felt it was her duty,
To remind you of your worth,
And all your inner beauty.

When others’ eyes could only dwell,
Upon your exposed outer shell.
They saw a fat girl steeped in braces,
Not seeing you they turned their faces.
But she was there to whisper,
When others didn’t care.

She held your secrets in her heart,
That friends like you could share.
You never had to be alone,
But now she is, ‘cause you’ve outgrown
Her for those others whose laughs you share,
As you run carefree through the air.

Time has eased your form and face,
But she’s the one who knew your grace
When those who you now call your friend
Saw no beginning… only end.

by C.S. Dweck

Sometimes We Dream

Sometimes I dream of Lesley
Sitting painfully
Corruption concealed behind eyes of happiness and silk.
Her plastic smile hides the affliction of her heart.
Deep inside there is a vengeance that
Seeps into her veins.
She cries out, but no one hears.
Someone will interrupt a nightmare.
Someone will help Lesley stand against vanity.

Sometimes I dream of Marcia
Her vibrant eyes hidden beneath a
Dark, dark hood.
Her soul is in cigarette butts, and old needles,
Thrown away.
Sometimes she literally sells herself short.
When her fingers reach, she grasps only at broken edges.
She cries out, but no one hears.
Someone will interrupt a nightmare.
Someone will help Marcia fight addiction.

Sometimes I dream of Jonathan
His eyes run without destination.
Away from his culture, away from himself.
A glass shell forms around his heart, filling it with shame.
As scissors snip his long, dark hair,
Shards of soul fall at his feet.
Colourless pieces.
He cries out, but no one hears.
Someone will interrupt a nightmare.
Someone will help Jonathan kill prejudice.

Sometimes I dream of Caitlyn
Her eyes are fatigued from the fight.
“It’s hard to be liked,” she says, “when you have those things others want.”
Her riches have the power to
Destruct, deceive, demolish.
The power to make others covet
Rather than celebrate.
She cries out, but no one hears.
Someone will interrupt a nightmare.
Someone will help Caitlyn combat envy.

Sometimes I dream of Juan
With eyes black, beaten, and bruised.
No one notices when that single, solitary tear trickles down his cheek.
He sits in the deepest shadow of the darkest corner,
Dreading the afternoon bell.
He blames himself, though
It’s hardly his fault.
He cries out, but no one hears.
Someone will interrupt a nightmare.
Someone will help Juan brave domestic violence.

Sometimes I dream of Kimberly
Her eyes downcast.
She tries to make friends, but to hope anymore is to be let down.
She walks through the halls, trying to pass unnoticed.
She cannot help her clothes, her weight, her trembling chin.
She runs from the comments that shatter her dreams and
Build a wall around her heart.
She cries out, but no one hears.
Someone will interrupt a nightmare.
Someone will help Kimberly battle bullying.

As social issues start to shout,
Have no fear of standing out.
There is a difference to be made,
In harmony, nightmares will surely fade.

I can interrupt a nightmare.
I can help society conquer all…
Maybe that someone is me.

by Olivia Heaney
(i cried with this poem)


I lie in bed at night and pray,
that you will think of me.
I cry until my eyelids close,
and dream – eternity.

I wake to sunlight on my face,
for a moment I forget.
Then a cloud passes by,
and I realise, this is it.

I carry on throughout the day,
feigning joy, and feeling pain.
I long to gaze upon your face,
and share a smile, an embrace.

The day is drawing to an end,
and still I think of you.
I try to relax, yet in my mind,
I wonder what to do.

So now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord, my soul will keep.
And should you chance to think of me,
know that I love you – eternally.

Deiah Haddock


Skinny legs, bigger breasts
Is all they want to see
Tiny waists and thinner arms
The opposite of me.

The pressure to be perfect
Is slowly closing in
An utter suffocation
That doesn’t seem to end.

Society is telling me
Beautiful is thin
And if I choose to starve myself
Perfection’s what I win.

Shoving something down my throat
Will get me what I want
Bring me closer to that goal
Of a body I can flaunt.

Society is telling us
Beauty is a prize
Measured in the size of your breasts
In weight and clothing size.

But let me tell you here and now
No good will come from that
It seems okay at first
But soon becomes a trap.

A disease that clouds the mind
And believes what is untrue
Believes you’re never good enough
No matter what you do.

There is one beauty that I know
It’s the greatest prize of all
It’s learning to accept yourself
Imperfections, flaws, and all.

The beauty that really matters
Lies in our heart, our soul, our core
Because when you love what’s inside
You love what’s outside even more.

Brittany Steward

Let Me Live

Let me cut my own hair.
If it looks horrible,
Let me learn not to touch scissors and that hair grows back.

Let me spend my money.
If the shirt’s too little and the store doesn’t give refunds,
Let me learn to save my cash.

Let me kiss a boy.
If he thinks it’s just a fling and I get my heart broken,
Let me learn that some boys are just that way.

Let me flunk my test.
If I fail the class and miss the honour roll list,
Let me learn to study more.

Let me miss the shot.
If my team loses and I’m on the bench,
Let me learn to concentrate on the basket.

Let me go out past curfew.
If I get grounded and miss that big party this weekend,
Let me learn to follow the rules.

But most important, let me live.
If I learn a lesson,
You’ve done your part.

Jennifer Danley


Please treat me well; I am as I’m treated

When I am loved, I can love who I am
When I am cared for, I can care for myself
When I am treated as someone, I can feel like someone

Speak to me, so I may learn to listen
Expose the world to me, so I may see its beauty
Look into my eyes, so I may feel I am seen

If you’re good to me, I must be a good person

When you smile at me, I can smile inside
When you let me make choices, I know that I can choose
When you give to me, I can give a bit back

Touch me gently, so I may touch others
Rest my unrest, so that I may learn self-control
Soothe me, so I may learn to soothe

Love me, but give me room to love others

When you treat me as successful, I can learn to succeed
When you respect my dreams, I can explore reality
When you allow my mistakes, I can accept what they teach

Teach me diversity of though, so I may be open-minded
Help me help others, so I may grow to be selfless
Demonstrate your diligence, so I may earn my way in life

Show me how to laugh, so I may laugh with others
Laugh at your shortcomings, so I may accept my own

I am someone and I am loved

Jim Lauer

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Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul 4
Various Authors

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Jazz said...

Hey guys do you know what is tried to be written in this poem "The Friend That You’ve Outgrown". Yesterday I was reading an article
Today I read this poem and I found that if you expect the things written in this article from your girl then you will have to apply the things written in that article.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhh my gosh... its so ironic i was using the same exact book for a project when i came to your website :) im stephanie im in middle school that book is great!!!!!

mandy4889 said...

Nice to meet you Stephanie

I am Amanda and currently at university.

The Chicken Soup books are amazing and they come out with more every year it is hard to keep up!

The book is pretty awesome I love the poetry and stories from all different walks of life.

Blessings :)